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English Speech: Double Fifth Dragon Boat Festival
English Speech: Double Fifth Dragon Boat Festival
The lecture is open to foreigners and free of charge. To get free “Zongzi”, you need to make your reservation by May 20th, 2009. The lecture will be held on:


Time: 12:30~14:00, May 26th(Tuesday), 2009

Venue: The Language Center of NCUE (T408, Teaching Building, Jin-De Campus, No.1, Jin-De Road, NCUE, Changhua City)

Reservation: Call Peggy at 7232105-1673 or e-mail to

Free Snack: Zongzi (Chinese rice dumpling)

Speaker: Wendy Chang 張文俐





● 端午節日期(Dates)
● 端午節由來(Origins)
● 端午節習俗(Customs & Traditions
1. 包粽子(Preparing rice dumplings)
2. 喝雄黃(Drinking realgar wine)
3. 掛艾草、菖蒲(Hanging calamus and Chinese mugwort)
4. 立雞蛋(Standing eggs)
5. 戴香包(Wearing sachets)
6. 划龍舟(Racing dragon boats
● 端午節禁忌(Taboos)
● 端午節活動(2009 Activities)
● 應景詞句教學(Expressions in Chinese)








































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