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Speech: What is Business English and how do you use it?

Time: 12/18 (Fri.) 4:00∼5:00
Place: T408
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Presenter: Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan is the Academic Director of Acumen Business English Consultants, a company which designs courses and provides English communication training for some of the world's leading international organizations. He is also a consultant for Cambridge ESOL, and he provides training for teachers in universities and private institutions. His specialist area is Business English, and he cooperates closely with corporations that have a demand for skilled English users.
Topic: What is Business English and how do you use it?
Although English is the international language of business, many people are unclear about what Business English actually is. Simply put, when we are at work and we use English to write emails to clients, take phone calls from other companies or meet with people we want to do business with, we are using Business English. In fact, Business English has much in common with General English, and as with General English our goal is clean and efficient communication.
You do not need to have a high level of English to be able to use English at work. However, by learning useful business-related language now, you will be better able to succeed in your chosen career. Prepare now for your future and learn the English you need so that you can be clear, professional and confident in interviews, your job and other business situations.

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