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2019 Seasonal Chinese Program of NCUE





2019 Seasonal Chinese Program

  • Program Features
  • Small Classes: All classes are taught in small sizes, with 5 to 12 students in each class. 
  • Various Options: We offer classes from the beginning level to an advanced level. Students will take a placement test before the term starts.
  • We put emphasis on all four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Personal Tutor: We will assign a tutor trained by our teachers for each international student. Tutors will arrange 1-on-1 academic counseling one hour per week free for students enrolled in seasonal Chinese program.
  • Culture Classes: Our cultural classes include paper cutting, calligraphy, Chinese painting, cuisine, etc.

  • Recruiting information

Chinese Programs are open to foreigners who are over 18 years old with a high school or higher diploma or its equivalent.



2019 Academic Year Course Information and Charges Form





Summer Session

Two-Month Summer Session

Autumn Session



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Application Deadline

Feb. 11

May. 13

Jun. 3

Aug. 12

 Nov. 11

Registration Date

Feb. 25

May. 27

Jul. 24

Aug. 26

Nov. 25

Course Dates












Special offer

Register for two seasonal Chinese programs (either Spring and Summer session, or Fall and Winter session), and you can take one credited Chinese course for free.


otal Hours of Class Time

180 hours/session

180 hours/session



180 hours/session



Application Procedure(For applicants already with a student, visitor visa, visa-free or ARC):

How to Apply(For applicants applying for a Visitor Visa for Studying Chinese Purpose)

Submit your application

Fill out the application form (Please download the form, fill out and email to: . Or you can mail by standard post to: No.108, Xueshi St., Changhua City 500, Taiwan)
Application documents require:

Ø  Application Form 

Ø A photocopy of your high school diploma or above 

(If your diploma is not issued in Chinese or English, please have it translated by a certified translator.)

Ø A photocopy of your passport's information page

Ø  A health certificate

Ø A Financial Statement  / A certificate of account balance

1.    A financial statement issued within 3 months and shows an ending balance exceeding USD 2,500 or its equivalent.

2.     If using a family member's financial statement, please ask her or him to write a guarantor letter stating willingness to support your stay in Taiwan.

3.   If you are a scholarship recipient, you may submit your scholarship certificate in place of a financial statement.

Ø   A financial Guarantee (If you using a family member's financial statement please fill out this form.

 Ø  A photocopy of a two-inch photo

It takes approximately two weeks for us to process your application. Once approved, your admission letter will be sent to you by standard post, and a scanned copy of the letter will also be sent to you by email.


Other FeesNTD  Item




New Student Registration Fee



Only for first-time registered students.

Not required for re-enrolled students.

Mandatory Accidental

Insurance Fee

600/per month, Group Foreign Students Health & Accident Insurance of Mercuries Life.

(The exact amounts depend on

 how many days in Taiwan)

Demanded by the Ministry of Education, it is compulsory for foreign students to be enrolled in a mandatory accidental insurance plan. The fee is waived for students who present a proof of coverage under other accidental insurance plans.

Health Insurance Fee

About 750 per month

After 6 months getting ARC in Taiwan


Textbooks and other

study materials (estimated)

Around 1,000~2,000 / 12 weeks per term

The exact amounts depend on the textbook used in each class.


Dormitory Fee

NT$5,930 (quad room)~9,730 (twin room) / per semester (4 months) The exact cost depends on the duration of your stay.

Transportation Fee

630-700 /per person

One time pick-up fee from
Taoyuan/Taichung Airport to NCUE.




Refund Policy

Please go to DOC Office to apply for refunds. Average processing days for refund requests are 7-10 working days.

The Refund Policy is based on the Ministry of Education’s Guidelines for Colleges with Extension Education Programs.

★”Refunds refer to tuition cost only. Other costs, including application fees and insurance costs, will not be refunded.


Refund Percentage of Tuition

Applications Submitted


No later than the day before the program starts.


before 1/3 of the program is completed

No refunds

after the program is 1/3 completed

Students who pay for the next term in advance for the purpose of visa application may request for a full refund if their visa application is rejected. The refund request must be submitted with a proof of visa rejection before the new term starts or within the first week of the new term.



tuition payment in cash (NTD only) or by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB).

Students must register and pay the tuition fees in DOC (abbrev Division of Chinese) office which is in the Language Center Building after arriving in Changhua.