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One Day Tour-Temple Culture& Mazu Pilgrimage activity


Learning Chinese, Traveling Changhua- Temple Culture in Taiwan
Ø費用Fee:請洽詢Please contact us
Ø上課地點Location:彰化師範大學語文中心 Language Center, National Changhua University of Education.
Ø人數Group numbers:客製化customized
Ø 聯絡人Contact person:黃小姐 Nancy Huang
Ø 聯絡電話Tel:04-7232105#1672
Ø 中心地址:彰化市學士街108號No.108, Xueshi St., Changhua City
Ø 我們的體驗服務Our Service:
We provide wireless audio guidance for personal used. You can walk around to see details also listen to introduction from tour guide at the same time.
Ø 行程Schedule:客製化,可參考以下行程Customized, or you can consider the following sample schedule.
時間 行程 Detail 地點 Location
9:00 報到與集合 Gathering 彰化火車站 Changhua Train Station
9:15 前往彰化師大 Travel to NCUE 公車 On the Bus
9:40-10:00 集合說明課程 Gathering 彰化師大語文中心 Language center of NCUE
10:10~12:00 語言課程 Mandarin Course 彰化師大語文中心 Language center of NCUE
12:10~13:00 午餐分享會 Lunch & Sharing Session 彰化師大語文中心 Language center of NCUE
13:30 前往集合地點 Travel to meet point 公車 On the Bus
14:30-17:30 信仰文化體驗課 Temple Culture in Taiwan 彰化市區 Changhua City
**本中心保有隨時調整行程的權利Language Center of NCUE keep the right to adjust the itinerary**
Ø 遊程內容Detail of Tour:
信仰文化體驗課 Temple Culture in Taiwan
The tour features religious activities in Changhua as the topic. We will introduce different kinds of story of temples by visiting temples, century-old shops and participating cultural activities. Every topic will be changed on account of time and different cultural activities, and we will make an adjustment according to the situation.
Route1:Traditional Bakery-Fong-Pen Rice Cake DIY→Taoist Yuanching Monastery→Chenghuang Temple→Master Tiger Temple
✮Introduction of religions in Taiwan
✮Stories of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism
✮Folk stories of Gods, mythological symbols, paintings, sculptures
✮Folding amulet by yourself
✮Traditional Bakery-Fong-Pen Rice Cake DIY
Route2:Kaihua Temple→Meilanju Incense Shop→Huachang Embroidered Village→Sing An Temple→Traditional Lantern Shop→Kaichang Temple→Nanyao Temple
✮Introduction of incense and joss paper and experiencing how to classify them
✮Introduction of handmade lantern
✮Realizing the relationship between major temples in Changhua and Mazu Pilgrimage activity
✮Admiration and introduction of Embroidered Village and embroidery