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nal Changhua University of Education
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2008 Summer Program for Chinese (Mandarin) Learning Classes
National Changhua University of Education
Language Center
2008 Summer Program
1. Chinese Learning Classes
Everyday Chinese
(zhōng wén huì huà bān)
Tuesday 18:30~20:20
NT $2,500
Chinese Reading
(zhōng wén yuè dú bān)
Thursday 18:30~20:20
NT $2,500
2. Place:
T407, Teaching Building, Jin-De Campus, No.1, Jin-De Road, National Changhua University of Education,
image image
Changhua City Map 1: Changhua City Map Map 2: Jin-De Campus of NUCE
3. Tuition and Application Fee
(1) Tuition: NT $2,500
(2) Application Fee: NT $100. Please note that it is non-refundable. Upon payment of it, student members may apply to other classes at no additional cost during one session only.
(3) Textbook: Textbooks are not included in your tuition or application fee. If you need them, you can purchase them from the Language Center. All sales of textbooks are final.
4. Application for Admission:
(1) Time: Before 6/27 (Fri.)
(2) Place: The Language Center (T407)
(3) Procedure:
1 Complete your Application Form.
2 Submit 2 recently taken 2-inch photographs, head shot only.
3 Pay the tuition and application fee by “Postal Money Order.” (You can come to the Language Center to fill out the form in advance with our aid, and then purchase it from a post office. There will be a processing fee of NT $30.)
4 Take the Application Form, photo shots, and “Postal Money Order” to the Language Center to apply for admission. Please keep all your receipts until the entire class is over.
(4) Faculty and staff of NCUE are eligible for a 20% discount on tuition. Please bring your staff/teacher ID card for verification.
(5) Your student member card will be ready right before your first class begins. If you lose it afterwards, there is a charge of NT $50 for a new card.
5. Class Rules:
(1) Be on time for each class, and bring your student member card with you. If you plan to be absent, please call in advance. Any tardiness more than 15 minutes will be considered absent.
(2) The Language Center will not award college credits for student members. When you complete the course and pass the evaluation tests, you will be awarded a certificate. Student members who attend less than 1/3 of the classes during an entire course session will not be awarded a certificate.
(3) Transferring of the classes is allowed only once in a session for each student member. Transfers must occur no later than the start of the third week of classes.
(4) All student members are expected to always act in a respectful manner. Anyone whose behavior is deemed to be inappropriate may be asked to leave the Language Center. Repeated violations of the rules of conduct of the Language Center or any act deemed to be criminal may result in the student members being permanently expelled from the Language Center.
6. Refund Policy
(1) Student members who withdraw from their classes prior to the start of the first class will receive a 70% refund of the tuition. Those who withdraw before the second week of classes will receive a 50% refund of their tuition. Those who withdraw after the first two weeks of classes will NOT receive a refund of their tuition.
(2) Bring your student member card along with your post office account number in order to receive a refund (at a later date.)
7. For further information, please call 7232105 ext 1673.
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