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國立彰化師範大學語文中心Language Center

文化舊城學華語,趣遊彰化山海城-傳統文化 手作課
Learning Chinese, Traveling Changhua- Traditional Culture DIY
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***若無出發日期,六人以上可直接聯絡客製化開團。If there are no available batch, we also provide customized tour for over 6 person. Please contact us.
  NTD.1,500/per person (including lunch)
線上報名On-line Registration:
1. 現金Cash
2. 信用卡Credit Card
3. 轉帳/匯款Wire Transfer
聯絡人Contact person:黃小姐 Nancy Huang
中心地址:彰化市學士街108號 No.108, Xueshi St., Changhua City
集合地點Meeting Point:
Changhua Train Station
我們的體驗服務Our Service:
  We provide wireless audio guidance for personal used. You can walk around to see details also listen to introduction from tour guide at the same time.

時間 行程 Detail


9:00 報到與集合 Gathering 彰化火車站 Changhua Train Station
9:15 前往彰化師大 Travel to NCUE


On the Bus
9:40-10:00 集合說明課程 Gathering 彰化師大語文中心 Language center of NCUE
10:10~12:00 語言課程 Mandarin Course 彰化師大語文中心 Language center of NCUE
12:10~13:00 午餐分享會 Lunch & Sharing Session 彰化師大語文中心 Language center of NCUE
13:30 前往集合地點 Travel to Meet point 公車 On the Bus
14:30-17:30 傳統文化手作課 Traditional Culture DIY 彰化市區 Changhua City
**本中心保有隨時調整行程的權利Language Center of NCUE keep the right to adjust the itinerary**
注意事項 Notice:
  In case of force majeure, participants can choose to attend other sections, yet fees are not refundable.
 If participants cannot attend tours due to some irresistible personal reasons, only with proof and a prior notice provided 2 weeks before the registered section, s/he may allowed to sign up to other sections. Otherwise, the section cannot be changed nor refundable.


Once your application is approved we will inform you to pay fees via E-mail. Receipt will be given on the day of tour. 

遊程內容Detail of Tour:
傳統文化手作課 Traditional Culture DIY






【Traditional Market Tour】Taking a stroll in the traditional market

【Explanation of Paper Clay Artwork】Explaining how to use paper clay and seeing paper clay artwork

【Making Chinese Medicine Sachets】Listening to the story of Chinese medicine pharmacy, comprehending Chinese medicine and how to prepare medicines

【Realizing how to make Lanterns】Enjoying endangered glass painting of Guanyin

【Making Potted Plants】Making the potted plant and learning how to make it with plants by your side

【Tasting handmade coffee】Enjoying the pour over coffee in the garden



On the way, we’ll have a time travel throughout fifty years from Chinese medicine pharmacy, lantern shop to potted plants shop. We use our hands to communicate with craftsmen, learning from them and making our life.
Minquan Rdwas a main road includes Minquan traditional market, Nanmen traditional market and some village temples. It’s also presents a variety of industries. Craft is the spirit of this road and spreading everywhere. For instance, we’ll experience handmade lanterns, handmade potteries, handmade Chinese medicine sachets, handmade potted plants and enjoy pour over coffee. By taking the stroll, we walk into the shops, observing their crafts, feeling their artworks and making a part of crafts in order to comprehend the true meaning ofcraftsthrough the process.


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