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國立彰化師範大學語文中心Language Center





Mandarin On-the-Go in Taiwan
Learning Chinese, traveling Changhua
Location: Language Center, National Changhua University of Education.
Qualification:Welcome foreigners who are interested in learning Mandarin,have passion for tasting Taiwanese snacks and experiencing Changhua native culture.
Organizer:Language Center, National Changhua University of Education
人數Group numbers:客製化customized
承辦人program coordinator:黃小姐Ms. Nancy Huang
電話Tel::+886-4-723-2105 ext. 1672
行程Schedule:客製化,可參考以下行程Customized, or you can consider the following sample schedule.


大佛人文生態之旅     Baguashan Scenic Area
【大佛風景區的生態觀察】【Ecological observation in Baguashan Scenic Area
【天空步道周邊互動生態體驗】【Interactive Experience around skywalk
From a variety of feelings to experience Baguashan Scenic Area to know real function of skywalk.Through this tour you will understand Ecological Diversity of Taiwan. You can see a variety of plants in Baguashan montain.


鐵道探險Exploration of railway
【彰化鐵道歷史】【History of Changhua railway
【扇形車庫】【Fan-shaped Roundhouse
We will know more the history of Changhua railway, visit Fan-shaped Roundhouse which you couldn’t find in other places. Also you will find out the difference of Taiwan Railway dormitory from other houses, and know the story about Railway Hospital, take a look at store of railway model.


鹿港輕旅行Lukang township
【鹿港龍山寺】【Lukang Lung-shan Temple
【鹿港老街】【Lukang Old Street
【彩繪獅頭DIY】【Lions head painting
We will take you to visit Lukang. Street in Lukang is made up of red-tiled lanes and old house, which makes Lukang special. Longshan Temple is the best among the 8 great scenes of Lukang. The temple was beautifully designed. The carving is magnificent in terms of the structure and the ornament. The buildings are worthy of detailed observation, because it’s unique. In addition to take a walk in old street, you could do DIY activity, like lion’s head painting. Through painting Chinese lion’s head, you will have good knowledge of traditional crafts.


住宿與上課環境Living and learning environment


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