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Application Procedure ( Overseas Applicants )

申請流程Application Process


Chinese Programs are open to foreigners over 18 years of age with a high school or higher diploma or its equivalent.



  1. 文件若非中文及英文者,必須附上正式中文或英文翻譯。

Documents in a language other than Mandarin or English must be accompanied by an official translation in Mandarin or English.

  1. 越南學生請提供以下外語證明:赴台研習中文申請簽證須知

Students from Vietnam will have to provide a certificate of foreign language: HƯỚNG DẪN THỦ TỤC XIN VISA HỌC NGÔN NGỮ TẠI ĐÀI LOAN

  1. 財力證明Official Financial Statement / Certificate of account balance:
  1. 財力證明需三個月內有效。並有超過2400美元的餘額或等價貨幣。

A financial statement issued within 3 months, showing an ending balance exceeding USD 2,400 or its equivalent.

  1. 如使用家人的財力證明,須請本人提供財務擔保同意支付您在台灣的支出。

If a family member's financial statement is submitted, please attach a guarantor letter stating willingness to support your stay in Taiwan.

  1. 如是獎學金受獎者,請一併提供獎學金證明。A scholarship recipient may submit the scholarship certificate in place of a financial statement.
  1. 財力保證書A financial Guarantee: 使用親友財力證明者需檢附If you are using a family member's financial statement. Please fill out this form.

Download the application materials

1. 2019 Chinese Course Application Form

2. Health Certificate

3. Study Plan for Learning Chinese Program

4. Financial Guarantee ( at least more than 2,400 USD)

You could check introduction of Chinese program 2019 .

Fill out the application form,  and email to with all materials.